No roads in favour of Alexandra parking controls, results show 

Not one of the roads involved in the consultation on the Alexandra Palace West CPZ reached the threshold of 51%

Not one of the roads involved in the consultation on the Alexandra Palace West CPZ reached the threshold of 51% in favour of controls to be introduced - Credit: Polly Hancock

Haringey Council’s plans for a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Alexandra have hit a stumbling block after initial consultation results show widespread opposition to the scheme. 

The proposal was one of three CPZs the council wanted to implement in the area, with plans for two in Muswell Hill as well as Alexandra. 

The consultation on the CPZ in Alexandra, referred to as Alexandra Palace West, ended on January 21.  

Initial results show that it had a response rate of 43%, meeting the threshold required to progress, and that of the roads consulted, none reached the minimum threshold of 51% in favour of parking controls to be introduced. 

Alexandra Palace west

Alexandra Palace west - Credit: Haringey Council

Michael Sinclair, a resident who lives in a street adjacent to the proposed CPZ, said: “We thought of it as not the right thing to do, and the perception amongst so many was that this was an exercise in raising money, albeit they’re supposed to use the money they make the profit on for road matters.” 

He added: “There was very little faith in the integrity of the plans.” 

Cllr Alessandra Rossetti (Lib Dem, Alexandra), said the results reflected the widespread opposition the ward’s councillors felt during the consultation.  

She said: “Now we know that not a single road supported the proposals, we will be making it clear to the council that this scheme cannot proceed, and I hope the council will start to look holistically at residents’ real concerns – the lack of cycle lanes, speeding, problems with through traffic and pavement parking, and more." 

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Cllr Seema Chandwani, cabinet member for customer service, welfare and the public realm, thanked those who took part in the consultation. 

She said: “In the case with the proposed Alexandra West CPZ, we have had a clear response that the residents do not wish to proceed. That view, as per our policy, will be respected.  

“However, we do need to follow a process to formally declare this through our cabinet, and to be able to do that we need a very detailed assessment of every response so the decision not to proceed is not challenged. 

“We are still going through other CPZ consultations, which are not so clear at present and need deeper analysis. I hope residents feel confident that our strict policy is clear that we seek majority view of residents.”  

Initial results for the Muswell Hill consultations are yet to be announced.