Treat Highgate as 'one shopping centre', say residents

Highgate High Street open for business on April 12

Highgate High Street open for business on April 12 - Credit: Chantelle Billson

Residents are hoping the two councils overseeing Highgate can coordinate and treat the village as one shopping centre in their transport plans.

The Highgate Society has sent Camden Council its alternative transport plan with a plea for it to enter cross-borough co-ordination with Haringey.

Both councils are currently reviewing their transport strategies and residents are asking them to consult one another.

One side of the Highgate High Street is in Camden and the other in Haringey.

"Highgate can often be left out of initiatives as there is no one borough with responsibility for us – which makes for particular difficulties when it comes to transport," said Francis Wilkinson, secretary of Highgate Society and part of the traffic, travel and transport group.

"So a central issue for any transport strategy for Highgate is cross-borough co-ordination.  

"There is no point in one borough introducing a scheme which just pushes traffic, pushes pollution and congestion, into another borough.  

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"And Highgate is a shopping centre and should be treated as one, which neither Haringey’s nor Camden’s current strategies do."

He said any transport strategy needs to take into account Highgate's "distinctive character" of steep hills and narrow streets that can cause congestion, limit transport options and increase emissions. 

In January Francis said Haringey’s walking and cycling draft plan, was "poorly considered" when it came to low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) with a cycling proposal that failed to take into account "hilly Highgate".

Highgate's transport strategy supports electric vehicles, the schools safety programme, and includes improving air quality, priorities of road users, paving and lighting. 

Cllr Mike Hakata, lead member for transport said each council has its separate decision-making processes according to their own adopted policies and strategies.

He added: “We continually work collaboratively with Camden Council on ensuring Highgate residents and businesses are not hindered by the borough boundaries, and it is instead treated as one.

"The councils work together ahead of any decisions being taken to ensure there is a consistent united approach and all key planning and transport issues are dealt with proactively together.

"Haringey and Camden’s partnership working has a long history and will continue to be an important part of both councils’ priorities.”

A Camden Council spokesperson said: “We always welcome ideas from the community and will work with our partners, including all our neighbouring boroughs, and local groups to achieve this.”