Calls to make road in front of a Highgate school safer

Motorcycle on its side on main road

A motorcyclist collided with a car in Highgate Hill last Friday, prompting renewed calls to make the road safer. - Credit: William Britain

A recent accident in Highgate Hill that led to a motorcyclist being taken to hospital has prompted calls to make the street safer.

William Britain, chair of the Highgate Society, described the junction between Cholmeley Park, along which Channing High School is sited, and Highgate High Street, which merges into Highgate Hill, as "problematic".

He said when a driver pulls out from Cholmeley, a road just inside Haringey, "you can't see what's coming down Highgate Hill and Highgate High Street unless you pull a long way forward."

Channing School at the corner of Cholmeley Park and The Bank, Highgate. Picture: David Anstiss/Geogr

Channing School at the corner of Cholmeley Park and The Bank, Highgate. Picture: David Anstiss/Geograph (CC BY-SA 2.0) - Credit: Archant

William said: "Highgate Hill is wide. On the Haringey side, the pavement is really narrow. If anyone is standing at the bus stop, you virtually can't get past it."

William and Richard Webber, transport lead at the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum, think the reason for the road's neglect by Haringey and Camden is because it sits on the border between both councils.

In 2018, Richard worked with Roy Hill, bursar of Channing School, on proposals for improving safety at the pedestrian crossing between Channing Junior School and Cote restaurant in Highgate High Street, in Camden.

"When Camden and Haringey were approached with these proposals, despite the offer of partial funding from Channing School, we were led to understand that there was no budget for safety improvements of this sort," Richard said.

Police on Highgate Hill following the car accident.

Police on Highgate Hill following the car accident. - Credit: William Britain

A Haringey spokesperson said: “It is important that our £1.6m investment in reducing road danger prioritises the locations where collision and personal injury data is the highest.

"Between October 2016 and September 2021 there have been no recorded personal injury accidents along the Haringey section of Highgate Hill from Hornsey Lane to the Cholmeley Park/The Bank junction."

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Channing School's spokesperson said they could not comment on why the proposals to make the road safer in 2018 were not enacted, but that the school has "been in dialogue" with the Highgate Society and councils to bring forward safety plans.

Camden's most recent data (2017-2021) shows there were three reported collisions at the junction of Highgate Hill/Highgate High Street and Chomeley Park, but none of the collisions were a result of people not seeing vehicles coming down the hill.

A Camden Council spokesperson said it introduced a programme three years ago to remove all parking within 10m of a junction and that it is currently being rolled out across the borough.

“The safety of all road users and pedestrians in Camden is of upmost importance to us," they said.