'Shambles': Haringey's parking website still full of problems

parking Notice fixed penalties are attached to the windscreen of a Landrover

Residents are questioning why Haringey's parking portal is still plagued with error messages. - Credit: Jonathan Brady via PA

Ten months after Haringey moved its parking system online, residents are still having issues buying permits, resulting in parking fines and a lot of frustration.

One resident of Ridge Road, near Harringay, has been trying to purchase manual visitor permits online because she cannot understand the new system.

Paper permits are still available for purchase, but they are only for residents who can "clearly demonstrate that they are entirely unable to use the virtual permit system".

The resident said she spent two hours last week trying to get the permits. 

"From page to page, the site seemed to demand differing proofs of address and age. When I tried to upload my 'proof' of passport the site initially said it was not accepted. Later I received an email to say it had been approved but, when I returned to the site it was still requesting proof," she said.

Eventually when she was able to buy the permits, she was met with an error page over and over again. 

Error message on Haringey council website

The error message. - Credit: A. Gould

"If you're in a hurry to get a parking voucher, you're absolutely stymied," she said.

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Another Haringey resident from Farrer Road said she was "too frightened" to try to park where her daughter lives in the borough.

"I know that in all likelihood, she won't be able to get the system to work and then I'm stuck with a car without a permit. There's so many posts on Facebook groups about how the system doesn't work. It's a shambles," she said.

Crouch End councillor and leader of the opposition Luke Cawley-Harrison said the parking platform "is quite obviously not fit for purpose".

"We have been told again and again by residents that it is not working for them, either because they are unable to purchase new CPZ permits, renew old ones, or access the online visitor parking platform.

"But when we raise concerns, the response is always the same: it works fine for most people."

A Haringey Council spokesperson said: "We are continually monitoring the system and user feedback, and are working with our supplier to tackle any issues and to improve the system to streamline the user experience, as well as providing support to those having difficulty using it.

"We are part-way through a permit improvement review that has included resident workshops to get a better insight from the perspective of the customer."