Haringey defends Elmfield Ave School Streets signage despite appeal ruling

Cllr Zena Brabazon and the junction of Middle Lane and Elmfield Avenue

Cllr Zena Brabazon defended the School Street in Elmfield Avenue and encouraged motorists to obey the signs - Credit: Haringey Council/Pat Spungin

A single junction in a Haringey school street saw more than 2,500 fines given out over a single month – while an adjudicator from the London Tribunals service found the signage was not adequate. 

Haringey Council brought in a School Street in Elmfield Road to protect children at Rokesly Primary and Rokesly Infants schools from idling traffic and pollution. 

This means cars cannot drive down the street between 8.15 and 9.45 each morning and 2.30 and 3.45 evening. This only applies on weekdays during term-time. 

But London Tribunals adjudicator Henry Michael Greenslade upheld one appeal over a £130 fine received by a driver. The council said this was the only one of six appeals over fixed penalty notices (FPNs) given in this street to have been upheld.

In his ruling, Mr Greenslade said: ""Considering all the evidence before me carefully I am not satisfied that the signage, for a motorist turning left at this junction, was such as adequately to inform the motorist of the prohibition. Accordingly, this appeal must be allowed."

Haringey said five other FPNs appeals were dismissed and said it is confident in its signage.

Pat Spungin, who was caught about by the measures, asked the council to provide information on how many people had been affected at the same junction, as she also believed the signage is not clear enough. 

She said: "I had been fined, and though I didn't have time to appeal and thought I'd just pay up, saw others had been similarly affected online."

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Pat said she was "amazed" to see how many fines had been issued. Haringey said it issued 2,565 between June 8 and July 12. On June 8 alone, 157 fines were issued, with 11 other days seeing more than 100, including July 2.

Haringey's children and education chief, Cllr Zena Brabazon, said School Streets "borough to create a safer, more pleasant environment outside our schools for our children, parents and teachers".

She said: “To ensure the restrictions are clear to motorists we have installed signage that far exceeds what is required by regulation at all of our School Street locations, including Elmfield Avenue."

Cllr Brabazon said engineers would visit Elmfield Avenue to "see if any adjustments can be made to make it clearer", but added: "We do consider our current signage to be sufficient in informing motorists of the restrictions in place."

She urged motorists to look out for signs to ensure they do not break the rules. 

The town hall said it is gathering information on how much revenue had been generated by each School Street, but that this was not currently available.