'Our walking and cycling plan will make Haringey safer and cleaner'

Cllr Mike Hakata

Cllr Mike Hakata - Credit: Haringey Council

The Walking and Cycling Action Plan (WCAP) underlines our commitment to making Haringey a safer, healthier and greener borough in which our transport infrastructure is designed and built to ensure active travel and public transport are the first choices for almost all journeys.

The WCAP occupies the space where transport planning meets public health.

Our lived environment is a crucial determinant of health, with air quality and inactivity being two key factors driving inequalities.  

The WCAP is a detailed and ambitious strategy document which explores how we can overcome the barriers to making daily activity part of our everyday lives.

The WCAP outlines how we will create a network of inviting walking routes between shops, schools, leisure and heritage destinations and green spaces.

It describes how we can make our high streets and town centres places where people choose to walk and stay to shop and socialise, remembering that green infrastructure and lighting is an integral part of this vision.

By creating a network of inclusive strategic cycling routes which link up with low traffic neighbourhoods and with similar interventions in our neighbouring boroughs we will tackle one of the biggest obstacles to people cycling - the sense of vulnerability and the fear of collisions.  

By the end of the lifetime of this plan Haringey residents, from the youngest to the oldest, will have the confidence and the ability to cross the borough from north to south and east to west, using neighbourhoods free from speeding through-traffic and along main roads protected from motor vehicles.

The plan underlines the need to continue investing in secure cycle parking and storage.  It is vital that people of all ages and physical abilities can access free cycle training, reinforcing the fact that cycling is for everybody. And we must expand and explore more schemes that make bike ownership affordable for all.

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Finally, our Walking and Cycling Action Plan is a key component in our shared fight against climate change, where zero and low-carbon transport is integral to the placemaking of a thriving green and healthy borough.

Cllr Mike Hakata (Lab) is deputy leader of Haringey Council and cabinet member for environment, transport and the climate emergency.