New parking permit areas lined up for Muswell Hill

The town hall is consulting on the scheme until December 29

The town hall is consulting on the scheme until December 29 - Credit: Archant © 2008

UPDATE: Since publishing this article Haringey Council has extended the deadlines for consultation. Muswell Hill south - January 21. Muswell Hill west and Alexandra Palace west - January 10. 

Haringey Council is planning to introduce paid parking permits for three areas around Muswell Hill. 

The local authority is proposing to create controlled parking zones (CPZs) in Muswell Hill west, Muswell Hill south and Alexandra Palace west. 

The Muswell Hill south zone would incorporate the area north of Wood Vale, Queenswood Road, Cranley Gardens, east of Muswell Hill Road and south of Muswell Hill Broadway.

The Muswell Hill west area, if approved, would include Tetherdown, Burlington Road and Eastwood Road. In Alexandra Palace west the CPZ would include streets such as Muswell Road, Alexandra Park Road and Victoria Road.  

A consultation by the town hall on the plans runs until December 29. Resident parking permits for the year currently cost between £31 to £299, depending on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

Resident Susan Bennett previously organised a successful campaign against the introduction of a neighbourhood CPZ. 

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She said: “I am fed up with all the restrictions introduced recently, some of which have increased tailbacks and contributed to more fumes, not to mention fumes of frustration.”

Muswell Hill south

Muswell Hill south - Credit: Haringey Council

Muswell Hill west

Muswell Hill west - Credit: Haringey Council

Alexandra Palace west

Alexandra Palace west - Credit: Haringey Council

Susan cited concerns over carers who need to regularly visit the elderly by car, with parking restrictions likely to impede their work.  

Muswell Hill resident Brian Bowles said he feared the council was intent on imposing a CPZ “no matter what”, and that the wishes of those who lived in the area would be ignored.

A spokesperson for Haringey Council said: “We have implemented a number of controlled parking zones across Haringey with more in proposal to prevent roads being overrun by cars.  

“Not only do CPZs help us meet our ambition of safe, green travel in Haringey, but they also help relieve parking pressures for residents in the area and those visiting community services.” 

The council added: “We strongly encourage residents to take part in the consultations and express their views on the proposed changes to ensure we are best meeting the needs of our communities. 

“A detailed analysis will be compiled from your feedback and used to ensure the final decision reflects your views.”

More residents could soon face parking charges

More residents could soon face parking charges - Credit: PA

Once the consultation is completed further reports on the scheme will be drawn up before a final decision is made, most likely by the cabinet member for transport. 

To complete the CPZ consultations visit