Hampstead to trial unobtrusive electric vehicle charging points

The scheme is designed to reduce street clutter and make electric charging more accessible

The scheme is designed to reduce street clutter and make electric charging more accessible - Credit: Trojan Energy

Electric vehicle charging points that sit flush on the pavement will be installed around Hampstead.  

Camden Council is running a six-month trial from June that will see charging docks put in Willoughby Road, Willow Road, Downshire Hill, Parliament Hill and Goldhurst Terrace. 

The technology provided by Trojan Energy is different to existing provision in Camden as the charging points are flat on the ground when not in use, to reduce street clutter.

The scheme, which could be made permanent, aims to help people who do not have a home charging dock.  

Janine Griffis, chair of the Pilgrim’s to Willoughby Association, said: “At the end of 2019, we surveyed the neighbourhood and found that 90 out of 100 people responding supported more electric vehicle charging points.   

“Those not supporting expressed concerns about the loss of parking and damage to the conservation area, both points that this scheme addresses.  

“We are delighted to take part in the trial and hope it is a great success.” 

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Stephen Taylor, chair of the Hampstead Neighbourhood forum, said that residents have been "firm about wanting Hampstead to be quiet and walkable".

"There is also widespread concern about reducing the air pollution that damages the health of all Londoners, especially children of school age," he said. 

"Cutting exhaust emissions is an important part – though only a part – of the answer, particularly in Hampstead, which has above-average car-ownership levels and weak access to public transport.

"The Forum welcomes better provision for charging electric vehicles."

Any resident with an electric vehicle and a parking permit on the allocated roads can sign up for the trial at www.trojanenergyltd.com/step or by calling Trojan Energy on 08000 854644.