Council denies liability for Church Row bollards car damage

Michael Daniels

Camden Council rejected Michael Daniels' claim following the Church Row bollards incident - Credit: Michael Daniels

An 88-year-old man is considering legal action after damaging his car on the Church Row bollards which left him with a £2,500 bill. 

Bushey resident Michael Daniels was driving his partner to a hospital appointment on July 17 when he scraped his Lexus CT200 on the recently-moved Hampstead width-restriction bollards. 

During the same week, the Ham&High counted eight vehicles in 30 minutes turning around and five getting scratched in Church Row. 

However, when Michael took his claim to Camden Council, the town hall denied liability and said the restrictions “should accommodate” his vehicle. 

He told the Ham&High: “I’ve never had a problem there before, but on this occasion it was clear the bollards were far too close. 

“I will now be seeking legal advice, as I’ve gotten no further with the council.” 

Michael Daniels

The 88-year-old said he had never had a problem on Church Row before - Credit: Michael Daniels

Writing about his experience at the time, Michael said: “As I approached the width restriction adjacent to the church, I suddenly heard a metallic crunch as my near-side front wing was caught by the steel bollard and severely damaged." 

The restrictions had been installed earlier in July and relocated 20 metres east along Church Row. 

Following reports of vehicles struggling to get through, the council confirmed that the eastbound restriction was then “enlarged slightly” on July 19 to “better match the curvature of the road”. 

Michael said: “What I don’t understand is how they can deny wrongdoing when they moved the restrictions further apart just days later."

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A council spokesperson said: “We do have sympathy with Mr Daniels’ situation but having reviewed the case, it is clear that when the incident occurred the bollards were 6’ 6’’ apart – set at a distance apart to prevent HGV access, but wide enough apart to allow most cars through.  

“Therefore, we do not accept liability in this case.” 

A Mini going through the new width restriction on Church Row

A Mini driver carefully navigating the new width restriction on Church Row - Credit: Polly Hancock

The measures in Church Row were adjusted after the council received complaints about HGVs scraping against parked cars

In April, residents were left furious on two occasions when construction vehicles damaged parked cars in the narrow street. 

It is understood three vehicles were written off across the incidents – on April 19 and April 27. 

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