A low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) scheme could be trialled in Dartmouth Park next year.

Camden Council confirmed early plans are being drawn up to install an active travel programme in the area that would encourage walking and cycling, while restricting cars.

The proposal, which wouldn’t come into effect until 2022 after public consultation, was discussed at Camden’s full council meeting on Monday (September 13).

Calling for the local authority to press ahead with plans, Steve King, chair of neighbourhood group 4 Roads of Dartmouth Park, said the “continued prioritisation of traffic over people” has created a “polluted, unsafe and discriminatory environment”.

In his deputation, read virtually to the council chamber, he said: “This is not a rush hour issue or a certain direction or a weekday issue.

“All the data shows that this is an all-day and all-night issue in both directions and at no point is this traffic an acceptable level for a local road.”

Steve said the council has been “selective” in its approach of introducing LTN measures in Dartmouth Park, urging more “tangible action” that would lead to “meaningful change”.

Cllr Sian Berry said she believes there are “at least two” possible ideas being worked on for the area.

The Green councillor for Highgate urged Camden to make hay with preparations for a scheme to put to residents for consultation.

Ham & High: Cllr Sian BerryCllr Sian Berry (Image: PA Archive/PA Images)

She said the town hall should make progress now on how the new measures could shape up, ahead of the council’s next allocation of funding from central government and the mayor of London.

Cllr Adam Harrison, Camden’s cabinet member for the environment, confirmed a scheme is in the early stages of planning – but he called Dartmouth Park a “complex area”, saying the “details need to be right”.

Citing concerns previously raised by residents over possible road changes in the neighbourhood, he said any proposal would need a “proper consultation setting out the options”.

Maya De Souza, chair of the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum, said: "We are pleased that the council is considering the options carefully and that they appear serious about engaging with local people and businesses about a trial scheme."

A spokesperson for the town hall said: “This scheme is in an early stage of discussion and we are planning to consult on it in the summer of 2022.”

Ham & High: Cllr Adam HarrisonCllr Adam Harrison (Image: Archant)