The cycle lane on Prince of Wales Road could become permanent, under council proposals.

Camden is consulting on keeping the cycle lane heading eastbound in place, along with a series of measures in the area which it says will improve road safety.

Included in the proposed changes is a new parallel pedestrian and cycle crossing on Prince of Wales Road at the junction with Healey Street and Ryland Road.

Other plans include the addition of waiting spaces and early release signals for cyclists; 13 bike parking stands; three benches; and 16 trees.

The freestanding poles that currently segregate the cycle lane – which is proposed to extend further west towards Maitland Park Villas and Haverstock Hill – would be replaced with a raised stepped cycle track.

Ham & High: How the cycle lane currently looksHow the cycle lane currently looks (Image: Camden Council)

The cycle lane would continue to occupy the space previously given to 46 parking spaces. Five further parking spaces will be relocated locally as part of the changes.

Council data shows cycling levels have increased in Prince of Wales Road by 70%, when comparing March 2019 to March 2021.

Public comments during the trial phase of the scheme showed 38% of respondents were positive about the changes. A total of 81% of respondents who used the cycle lane approved of the scheme.

Residents can comment on the consultation until October 13 at

Ham & High: The proposal for Prince of Wales RoadThe proposal for Prince of Wales Road (Image: Camden Council)