Traffic stops to remember Sheila

Vigil organised by Stop Killing Cyclists

Vigil organised by Stop Killing Cyclists - Credit: Archant

Cyclists brought Camden traffic to a standstill for two minutes to remember an elderly pedestrian killed by a cement mixer.

Sheila Karsberg was a much loved local character, often seen walking her dog Milly around Hampstead Heath. She lived on the Holly Lodge Estate.

Sheila died at the pedestrian crossing between Pratt Street and Camden High Street on September 6 after being struck by the mixer.

Reports at the time suggested she had fainted or collapsed as she crossed the road before being hit.

The activists responsible for the vigil, Stop Killing Cyclists, wanted to draw attention to the dangers industrial vehicles present to pedestrians and cyclists.

Tom Kearney, Oxford Street safety campaigner, said: “This incident is key because it took place at an intersection that was already known as dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.”