Tories still rule the roost in Westminster

ON a night of dramatic results across the country there was no change in Westminster. The Conservatives held onto its 48 seats and Labour retained the remaining 12. Despite putting forward more candidates this time round the Lib Dems failed to make a brea

ON a night of dramatic results across the country there was no change in Westminster. The Conservatives held onto its 48 seats and Labour retained the remaining 12.Despite putting forward more candidates this time round the Lib Dems failed to make a breakthrough.Turnout was 29.78 per cent with 140,663 votes registered in total. The full results in North Westminster are as follows:ABBEY ROADRobert Bell, Lib Dems, 345Gareth Evans, Lib Dems, 281Kevin Gardner, Conservatives, 1,456 ELECTEDPatrick Griffin, Labour, 302Katharine Hoskyns Labour, 326Cyril Nemeth, Conservatives, 1,483 ELECTEDMargherita Rendel, Labour, 306Judith Warner, Conservatives,1,490 ELECTEDElizabeth Wheeler, Lib Dems 330BAYSWATERSusan Baring, Lib Dems, 768Michael Brahams, Conservatives, 1,107 ELECTEDBrian Connell, Conservatives, 1,100 ELECTEDDamian Kahya, Labour, 330Suhail Ahmed, Conservatives, 1,035 ELECTEDMartin Thompson, Lib Dems, 627Benjamin Way, Lib Dems, 644Enid Whitehead, Labour, 319Assiya Yousef, Labour, 316BRYANSTON AND DORSET SQUARENeil Balmer, Lib Dems, 263Stuart Bonar, Lib Dems, 317Derek Buckland, Labour, 247Joan Buxton, Labour, 262Ian Deacon, Labour, 233Angela Hooper, Conservatives, 1187 ELECTEDCarolyn Keen, Conservatives, 1266 ELECTEDAudrey Lewis, Conservatives, 1250 ELECTEDHeber Micelli, Green, 352Andrew Pilkington, Lib Dems, 256CHURCH STREETJacqueline Castles, Lib Dems, 310Paul Evans, Lib Dems, 278Barbara Grahame, Labour, 1078 ELECTEDAbdus Hamid, Conservatives, 807Antony Mothersdale, Labour, 979 ELECTEDArtemis Nicolaou, Lib Dems, 209Yvonne Ridley, Respect, 565Alexander Shaw, Conservatives, 663Abdul Toki, Labour, 1099 ELECTEDMesbah Uddin, Conservatives, 794HARROW ROADMehfuz Ahmed, Conservatives, 523Ruth Bush, Labour, 1,036 ELECTEDPeter Dunphy, Lib Dems, 369Winston Fletcher, Lib Dems, 325Christopher Lees, Conservatives, 520Guthrie Mckie, Labour, 899 ELECTEDShamsu Miah, Lib Dems 411Peter Prendergast, Conservatives, 520Sharan Tabari, Labour, 877 ELECTEDHYDE PARKLouis Al- Dhahir, Labour, 278Colin Barrow, Conservatives, 1,194 ELECTEDPamela Batty, Conservatives, 1,230 ELECTEDWarren Edwardes, Lib Dems, 335Jean-Paul Floru, Conservatives, 1,176 ELECTEDCorey Lee Koo, Labour, 267Joseph Ogden, Labour, 260Jane Smithard, Lib Dems, 289Esther Stansfield, Lib Dems, 264LITTLE VENICEIan Adams, Conservatives, 1246 ELECTEDAndrew Blick, Labour, 399Melvyn Caplan Conservatives, 1266 ELECTEDMargaret Doyle, Conservatives, 1248 ELECTEDJohn Edwards, Labour, 402David Obaze, Labour, 405Jeremy Swan, 281Jonathan Wardle, Lib Dems, 312Philip Wardle, Lib Dems, 271MAIDA VALEAnne Couchman, Lib Dems, 294Mark Davies, Labour, 535Peter Denton, Labour, 522Neville Farmer, Lib Dems, 263Adam Kravitz, Labour, 497Zena Lutrin, Lib Dems, 247Alastair Moss, Conservatives, 1406 ELECTEDMARYLEBONE HIGH STREETDavid Brewin, Lib Dems, 294Thomas Kiehl, 269Paul McDermott, Labour, 274Harvery Marshall, Conservatives, 1333 ELECTEDMark Page, Conservatives, 1264 ELECTEDHugh Robertson, Labour, 300Dick Taverne, Lib Dems, 284Michael Vearncombe, Conservatives, 1257 ELECTEDDavid Worton, Labour, 233QUEEN'S PARKMian Afzal, Conservatives, 644Koysor Ahmed, Conservatives, 660Nigel Bliss, Lib Dems, 356Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour, 1,113 ELECTEDAbeer Maghribi, Conservatives, 563James Oates, Lib Dems, 388Mushtaq Qureshi, Labour, 1,114 ELECTEDSusan Stephen, Lib Dems, 365Barrie Taylor, Labour, 1,156 ELECTEDREGENT'S PARKDaniel Astaire, Conservatives, 1,441 ELECTEDSeana De Carne, Labour, 432Gwyneth Hampson, Conservatives, 1,412 ELECTEDHerbert Hartwell, Lib Dems, 317Timothy Joiner, Conservatives, 1,386 ELECTEDFrancis Prideaux, Labour, 367Sophia Service, Lib Dems, 279Marianne Taylor, Lib Dems, 262Paul Thompson, Labour,, 401WESTBOURNEDavid Boothroyd, Labour, 891 ELECTEDRupert D'Cruz, Labour, 837 ELECTEDAbby Dharmsey, 209Flossy Keelson-Anfu, Conservatives, 541Paul Miller, Conservatives, 602Papya Qureshi, Labour, 750 ELECTEDRobert Rigby, Conservatives, 542Stephanie Taylor, Lib Dems 387Anthony Williams, Lib Dems, 321Vera, Williams, Lib Dems, 298

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