Tolkien fans enjoy Elven bread in Highgate hobbit hole

JRR Tolkien fans packed into a “hobbit hole” in Highgate to enjoy a day of Middle Earth feasting.

On Saturday punters stooped through the entrance of a yurt in Priory Gardens, to sample everything from Elvish bread, made from Icelandic moss, to honey cakes, based on food mentioned in the author’s books.

The recipes were dreamed up by Kerstin Rodgers, the founder of the Supper Club movement, who delved into the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit books to discover meals dished up in the fictional Shire.

Kerstin, from St Cuthberts Road, West Hampstead, who spent three days preparing the feast, said: “I love fantasy fiction and grew up on The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, with my dad reading it to us at night. He used to put on all the voices – he did a good Gandalf – and sang the songs too, so when I saw the film coming out I thought I have to do something.”

Seven fans stuffed their faces with homemade jams and seed cakes for elevenses before 11 others stopped by for a supper of sea bass baked in salt.