Thieves try to ‘blow cash machine off wall’ at Highgate Post Office in Archway Road

Thieves attempted to steal a cash point machine from a post office in Highgate in the early hours of this morning.

It is understood they attempted to blow the ATM machine off the wall of Highgate Post Office, in Archway Road, using a gas canister.

There were unconfirmed reports locally of an explosion.

A police spokeswoman said: “Police were called at around 4:20am today to a report of a robbery of a cash point machine at a post office in Archway Road.

“Officers attended but any suspects had gone before police arrival.

“The Flying Squad has been informed and will be investigating.

“Roads around the scene closed whilst enquiries are ongoing.”

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The area has been cordoned off with police tape.

Kent Aberdeen, a staff member at Morris Roots hairdressers in Archway Road, who arrived at work at 9am, said: “They had blue tape up.

“There were police cars and forensics checking out the scene.”