Theatre review: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Mary O’Connor finds that the musical’s return is terrific fun

For anyone who’s had the privilege of watching the 1954 musical film starring Howard Keel and Jane Powell, director Rachel Kavanaugh’s adaptation of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers had much to live up to – as did her cast and choreography. But all more than surpassed expectation in the incredible attention to detail, and preservation of the main dance sequences for which the musical became known.

Alex Gaumond, who played the lead role of Adam Pontipee, was flawless – from the ease at which he adopted Adam’s playful arrogance to his impeccable delivery of well-loved solo number ‘Bless Yore’ Beautiful Hide.’ Laura Pitt-Pulford, as Adam’s “sassy but sweet” wife Milly, gave a stellar performance and injected a strong feminist voice into the role; particularly in her refusal to give up on her marriage.

A terrific cast including the seven ‘brides’ and the aforementioned ‘brothers’ gave the show its fun-loving, barn-stomping wholesomeness – evident in the famous ‘Harvest social’ dance and other pieces by Alistair David.

Mary O’Connor