The Ham&High launches our first ever Young Readers’ Edition

Young journalists of the future will have the opportunity to take centre stage in their local newspaper as the Ham&High launches its first ever Young Readers’ Edition.

The landmark edition has been developed in partnership with the Highgate Society to offer the next generation of writers, roving reporters and community activists a voice in the Ham&High.

The edition will be published on April 18, after the Easter holidays, and stories, features and pictures are already flooding in.

The Highgate Society has spearheaded the project as an opportunity to involve more young people in shaping their own community.

Kirsten de Keyser, chairwoman of the society, said: “We want to hear from the younger people themselves and hear what they think about our society, the society they live in and the place where they live, what they like to do.

“The main thing is to give the next generation a voice rather than us talking about them all the time. If you want to shape your neighbourhood, where you come from, you have to speak up and make it happen. It’s up to you.

“Hopefully this will kick-start young people being much more involved in the Highgate of tomorrow.”

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Already 16 schools and youth groups have been contacted about the Young Readers’ Edition and the bar has been set high, with dozens of entries already received.

Among them are horror stories, poems, pictures and an interview with Daniel Finkelstein, executive editor of The Times.

But the opportunity for creativity and innovation is endless and we would like to hear from all young people who have something to say about the area they live in and the type of stories that should feature in the Ham&High.

As well as the opportunity to have work published, one young person will be selected as guest editor of the Young Readers’ Edition.

In the digital age, the Ham&High is more than a newspaper – so we will also hand over our Twitter and Facebook live news feeds for a day to a young person, or group of young people, who submit the most original ideas for content.

If you would like to be our Young Readers’ Edition guest digital editor this would be an ideal category to enter.

Geoff Martin, editor of the Ham&High, said: “We are delighted to provide an opportunity for young people to write for the Ham&High, drawing on the strong reputation of our earlier Readers’ Editions.

“I’m sure our young readers will rise to the challenge and it will be fascinating to see what they are interested in and what they are passionate about.”

The topics for entries are: the best thing about Highgate;

* If only Highgate had a...

* If I could change one thing in Highgate...

* Best and worst news for Highgate

* Highgate 1950-2050 – history meets sci-fi

* A whole day on Hampstead Heath

* The boy/girl next door

* The best Sunday ever; my best friend, in my own time I...

* How to be a totally exemplary citizen

* My interview with someone totally famous

* My Highgate picture (art or photography)

* In my opinion...

* My short Highgate horror story (fiction)

* My Highgate poem

Entries should be sent to Kirsten de Keyser at The Highgate Society, 10a South Grove, N6 6BS, or emailed to by Thursday, March 28.