The Ham&High asked members of the public what they thought about the idea to turn Athlone House into a hotel. Here’s what they said:

We asked people in Highgate High Street what they thought of the plan.

Daniel Schlesinger, 24, assistant manager at Spirited Wines, Highgate High Street, said: “If it is not being used for anything I think it is a good idea. It should be turned into a boutique hotel because it looks like quite a high-end building and if it attracts people with money that will be good for local businesses.”

Andrew Root, 49, a podiatrist at Highgate Health Centre, said: “I am quite a traditionalist so I think we should keep it as an old house rather than change it. Once you change things it will never go back into being an original old house and that would be a loss for society.”

Sharon Tyler, 34, a freelance consultant, who lives in Highgate High Street, said: “I don’t see why it shouldn’t become a boutique hotel, as long as they keep the façade of the building. It could be quite nice for the area, and the ‘villagey’ feel here. The only thing is that at the weekend a lot of people come to the village and the cemetery. Tourists and the traffic can be quite bad on the high street so I think that would be a concern or an issue – especially at school times and busy times it gets very grid locked here. But I don’t drive so I don’t mind.”

Gary Covington, a florist, of Swain’s Lane, said: “I used to deliver there a long time ago when it used to be an old people’s home, which I think is a better use – something for the community. But if someone wants to do it, and spend the money on it and make it a business then why not? It is possible that it could bring money into the area I suppose, but I doubt it. I think people will visit the hotel, do their bit, and then be off somewhere else. But yes I think it is a good idea.”