Thames Water halts work at Tile Kiln Lane reservoir in Highgate

Three trees have been cut down to build parking

Trees have been felled to make way for parking - Credit: Sharon Lytton

Thames Water has stopped construction work at Tile Kiln Lane reservoir in Highgate after concerns over damage to local wildlife. 

The company felled trees in February to make way for parking and vehicle access. But now Thames Water says it is “taking a fresh look at the situation”.  

Hornsey and Wood Green MP Catherine West said: “Tile Kiln Lane is a really special site for wildlife with a historic wall that must be protected.  

“I hope that Thames Water will use this pause to find another solution and I want to see full impact assessments before any more works take place.” 

A spokesperson for Thames Water said: “We’ve now identified a possible way to meet the operational needs of our staff without requiring an additional gate in the wall and are discussing this with Haringey Council.” 

Highgate resident Sharon Lytton said the area of woodland cut down by the works should be allowed to fully regrow.