Porn star Rebecca More slams Camden Council for ‘overreacting’ to UK sex tour

Porn star Rebecca More. Picture: Television X.

Porn star Rebecca More. Picture: Television X. - Credit: Archant

A porn star who was threatened with legal action by Camden Council if she entered the borough as part of a “sex tour of the UK” has slammed council bosses for overreacting.

Cllr Sarah Hayward. Picture: Polly Hancock.

Cllr Sarah Hayward. Picture: Polly Hancock. - Credit: Archant

Mother-of-two Rebecca More, who describes herself as a “UK MILF”, was rumoured to be coming to Camden Town over the weekend to have sex with competition winners in the back of a parked lorry, as part of a film shot by adult entertainment channel Television X.

The 34-year-old’s planned visit to Camden was halted last week after council lawyers sent a letter to Television X executives threatening to apply for a legal injunction banning the filming on licensing and public health grounds.

Camden Council leader Cllr Sarah Hayward accused the adult performer of glorifying the “humiliation of women” and described the sex tour as a “deeply offensive and dangerous PR stunt”.

But Ms More has hit back at the council’s response, insisting there were never plans to film sex scenes in Camden and that the whole controversy was generated by an “incorrect rumour”.

She told the Ham&High: “I do think Camden Council overreacted due to the press coverage around the tour. It was never actually our intention to film in Camden.

“All filming on the tour was done in a private location with consenting adults, with high protection and cleanliness.

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“We invited men and women to participate if they chose to and we have a very strict vetting process.”

As part of the tour, which fans could apply to take part in, Ms More had sex with 50 people during film shoots in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Southampton and elsewhere in London.

When asked what motivated her involvement in the tour, Ms More said: “It sounded like a ball! I’m up for fun and laughs and that’s what I got!

“I was really excited about the tour and was looking forward to meeting my fans and having a bit of fun. I’ve worked with Television X and the production team before and they’re all brilliant.”

Cllr Sarah Hayward said: “Whilst we understand that Rebecca More may well be a consenting adult and those who join her in her van may also be consenting – this cheap attempt to boost viewing figures is far from equality in action.

“This constitutes a combination of pornography and prostitution which glorifies the domination and humiliation of women and reinforces sexual and cultural attitudes that are complicit in rape and sexual exploitation.”

Camden Conservatives leader Cllr Claire-Louise Leyland added: “Camden Conservatives have fought hard to raise awareness of abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

“Television X’s plans to film a ‘sex tour’ in the back of a lorry in Camden shows little understanding of the caring relationships that we know are needed to build communities.”

A spokesman for Television X, which is owned by press magnate Richard Desmond who lives in The Bishops Avenue, said everyone involved in the tour would “remember it for the rest of their lives”.

The spokesman added: “Television X works within legal guidelines and the women that work at Television X choose to work with us: they celebrate sex and enjoy their work.”