Sweetcorn and Truffle Veloute recipe


1kg Sweetcorn500gm Sliced white onion1 sprig Rosemary250 gm Butter500ml Milk250 ml Cream2 Chopped truffles

METHOD:Place the butter, sweetcorn, onion, truffle and rosemary in a pan and sweat down till soft. Add cream and milk and cook for ten minutes.

Place in thermo and blend for four minutes. Adjust seasoning and consistency and chill. Heat when ready to serve until it is piping hot, season with black pepper.

Truffle pop corn

INGREDIENTS:200 gm Corn Kennels100 ml Vegetable Oil50 ml Truffle oil100 gm Butter20 gm Chopped truffle10 gm Salt


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Heat up a pan on stove and add vegetable oil and corn kennels and replace the lid.

When all corn is popped take off the stove and pour into a container.

Place pan back on stove and add butter and chopped truffle and truffle oil.

When butter is melted and just starting to go brown pour over corn and mix.

Allow to cool and place in air tight container.

Heat the veloute when ready to serve until it is piping hot, seasonwith black pepper, and garnish with truffle pop corn.

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