Swans on the line

FORGET leaves - it was feathers on the line that caused problems for Ally Pally trains this weekend as a group of swans descended on the tracks.

At around 10am on Sunday morning travellers on three trains near Alexandra Palace train station were surprised to hear an unusual announcement - that swans had decided to take a break on the railway lines, forcing them to come to a halt.

A spokesman for operator First Capital Connect said the trains had only stopped for around six minutes, until the swans decided to fly away home.

Local swan expert Ron Vester said the swans were either out practising their flying technique or being pushed out of their homes by parents eager to start preparing for their new brood.

He said: “This happens quite frequently.

“It’s flying season right now so the elders are teaching the younger ones to fly, or it could be an early case of the elders driving them away from the parents’ nest.”

Last month another swan caused chaos on Flask Walk in Hampstead when it crash landed in the area.

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The flirty swan had been ruffling the feathers of a neighbouring swan family on Hampstead Heath for a couple of weeks by making a move for the man of the house.

But the dedicated father-of-four was unimpressed with her amorous intentions and, with a little help from his signets, booted her out of his pond – half a mile to Flask Walk.

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