Suspected tunnel fire at Finchley Road station leaves Metropolitan line suspended

Four fire engines, six police cars and two ambulances, along with numerous support vehicles, were called to a ‘smouldering’ tunnel fire between Finchley Road and Baker Street at 4.15 this afternoon.

At 5.30pm firefirghters were still dealing with the incident.

A train-load of people were evactuated at Finchley Road station and the Metropolitan line was suspended in both directions.

Firefighters, police, and paramedics gathered under in the shelter of Finchley road station, out of the rain, as they awaited instructions.

A firefighter told the Ham&High that it the incident was very small but that a large response was standard procedure for a tunnel fire.

Rose Woodson who was travelling on the Metropolitan Line at the time of the evacuation said. “It all seems like a very dramatic response for a little fire - I haven’t seen any smoke or anything but I suppose it’s all in the tunnel. Although it is quite scary!”

A spokeswoman for the London Fire Brigade said: “There is a small smouldering fire on the tracks between Finchley Road and Baker Street. London Fire Brigade are still dealing with the incident.”