Surprise as Myleene Klass arrives bearing gifts

Myleene Klass came face to face with fellow school mums at a birthday party after she mocked them in public by leaking emails about birthday presents

She showed up to the eighth birthday party of daughter Ava’s classmate on Saturday bearing a present for the birthday girl.

But parents say there is no chance of a truce until the star apologises for humiliating them.

One said: “She did come along and brought a present for the birthday girl, but she still didn’t apologise to any of us. She has been justifying herself in the national media instead. Although she did ask her nanny to say sorry to some of us in the playground last week.”

Her appearance came the day after she was publicly reprimanded by the headmistress of the £5,000-a-term north London school in the weekly parents’ newsletter.

The school was flung into the centre of national debate this week after the radio presenter uploaded round-robin class emails to 250 followers on her twitter account with the captions “Bonkers” and “schoolgates.”

The year-old correspondence, from a fellow Year Three parent to the whole class requested £10 donations for birthday presents for two girls towards buying a kindle for one and a desk for the other.

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The star uploaded a sceenshot of the sarcastic reply she sent back, asking for a “real, live unicorn” for seven-year-old daughter Ava and a “Ferrari” and “Leonardo di Caprio” for herself.

The tweet went viral, being shared thousands of times.

As reported exclusively on the Ham&High website, furious parents confronted Myleene in the playground, and others complained to the headmistress, accusing the star of “betraying their confidences and belittling them in public” with “a distasteful cheap shot” to get press attention.

The parent who had sent the email called across the playground: “Why did you do it, Myleene? Why?”

Myleene shouted back: “If you’ve got a problem with it, talk to me in private.”

Myleene then took to television, radio and national newspapers to defend her actions.

In her Friday evening newsletter, the head wrote: “How I wish I could focus on your daughter’s education and not on responding to media trivia.

“How many times this week have I been asked to comment/act/intervene/reprimand... do something. Mutual respect and tolerance... we actively promote them, do you?’’

She added: “No more unicorns. And as my granny would’ve said, if you can’t tweet anything nice, don’t tweet at all.”

Our original story on the Ham&High website attracted more than 11,000 views, sparking a national debate over children’s party gift etiquette.

In our online poll, 65 per cent of readers think the communal glass gift idea “tasteless,” while 35pc think is shows “community spirit.

In a second poll, 56pc think Myleene was “out of order” to mock fellow parents to her twitter followers, with 44pc thinking “they deserved it.”