Summary of the controversial Hampstead Heath pond dams project

model boating pond south east after.jpg

model boating pond south east after.jpg - Credit: Archant

Work is due to start on the £22million scheme in April and it will see heavy construction for at least the next 18 months.

The model boating pond before the works

The model boating pond before the works - Credit: Archant

The most controversial parts of the works to go ahead in April are:

The Model Boating Pond:

The most significant works will take place here. An existing dam will be raised by 2.5m by the building of an earth embankment on top of the current dam crest. A new 20m wide spillway will also be built. Existing trees will be removed and a new island is to be created, connected to the Heath by a new causeway.

Ladies bathing pond:

This will be closed to swimmers between February and May 2016 during the work, which includes the demolition and rebuilding of the changing rooms. A new open channel spillway will be built to take flood waters and the dam crest will be raised by a third of a metre. A total of 18 trees will be removed.

Men’s bathing pond:

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This will be closed to swimmers during November and part of December this year. A new metre-high wall will be built along the line of the existing fence on the dam crest, constructed from steel or plastic piles. A new spillway will be built and 15 trees removed.

Catchpit area:

A new dam will be built in the Catchpit valley over the existing concrete lined pond. This dam will be 40m wide and its crest will be 100m long and will be one large spillway, overtopped along the entire length.

Mixed bathing pond:

To be closed in January 2016 while the Crest of its dam is raised by a metre, with a four-metre wide road on the top, and the loss of seven trees.

Highgate stock pond:

New 21metre-wide open channel spillway and two 900mm in diameter overflow pipes at water level.

The entire project is due to be completed by October 2016.