Still many opportunities to catch The Age of Stupid

Thank your for your article about The Age of Stupid ( Eco-warrior s film hits the big screen 12th March).  Camden should be proud of Franny Armstrong who has directed this groundbreaking film about climate change.  She has orchestrated a highly suc

Thank your for your article about 'The Age of Stupid' ("Eco-warrior's film hits the big screen" 12th March). Camden should be proud of Franny Armstrong who has directed this groundbreaking film about climate change. She has orchestrated a highly successful campaign for its release, with a people's premiere last Sunday relayed to 64 cinemas across the country, including the Finchley Road Vue which was sold out. An enthusiastic audience at this cinema, addressed by Cllr Alexis Rowell, witnessed a revolution as they watched live satellite coverage of star Pete Postletwaite launching a 'Not Stupid' campaign, pledging to return his OBE if the Government fail to show strong leadership at the Copenhagen summit on climate change in December. Ed Milliband looked worried.

What was missing from your article however was that the tide of change is about to reach the Tricycle cinema in Kilburn. Brent Friends of the Earth, have organised a week-long series of themed events in the film's release week including the film makers and other high profile speakers. This is part of a 'Not Stupid' campaign to build local environmental activism. The Tricycle is just one of three London cinemas to be showing it during its release week 20th to 26th March. Attendance at this venue is key to the film's wider release.

You were wrong to say Ken Livingstone has already introduced the film at a sneak preview at the Tricycle. Ken will in fact be speaking at a Q&A on Monday 23rd March. We launch with Pete Postlethwaite at a special Youth screening on Friday 20th. Local environmental groups will be present throughout the week so people can find out more, join and support the great work that is going on in the area.

The programme of events confirmed so far:

Friday 20th March - 2.30pm Youth launch event with Pete Postlethwaite 'Youth Not Stupid'. Evening screenings 'Ideas into Action' 6.30pm Q & A with director Franny Armstrong and Jeremy Hardy, 8.55pm Franny Armstrong introduces the film

Saturday 21st March 'Not Stupid Energy', 6.30pm and 8.55pm

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Sunday 22nd March 'Stupid Expansions - Heathrow and Brent Cross/Cricklewood' 5.30pm Q & A with Franny Armstrong and Pete Postlethwaite. Pete & Franny introduce the 8.15pm

Monday 23rd March 'Brent Not Stupid' 6pm Ken Livingstone Q&A. Ken introduces the 8.55 screening.

Tuesday 24th March 'Global Not Stupid', 6.30 and 8.55pm,.

Wednesday 25th 'Rights and Justice', 6.30 and 8.55pm,

Thursday 26th matinee screening 2.30pm 'Older Age Not Stupid' Q&A with MP Sarah Teather. Evening screenings 'Not Stupid Food - Green your Eats', 6.30pm and 8.55pm.

Please note that tickets are already on sale and are likely to sell out rapidly.

Viv Stein

Jennifer Rea

Brent Friends of the Earth