Steeles pub lost its soul, say regulars

A Haverstock Hill pub which was rated as one of the best in London by The Guardian has lost its edge following a corporate takeover, according to customers.

The Sir Richard Steele, affectionately referred to as Steele’s, was bought by Faucet Inn in April. Since then, the popular watering-hole has allegedly seen the number of customers fall drastically. Customers are upset that the community hub is losing its character and staff are also said to be upset by the changes.

Regular customer Elayne Elstar, 59, said: “I think it’s changed to the detriment. Steele’s used to be bohemian – plumbers mixing with celebrities. Staff had their own style, helping to create the vibe. It’s quite scruffy now. It’s always been a unique pub, but it seems to have lost its soul.”

Another long-standing customer Pamela Gunsell said: “It took Kirk and Paul 26 years to build it and it’s taken Faucet Inn six weeks to destroy it.”

A Faucett spokesman said: “I would like to think any changes will be for the benefit of the patrons and the community.”