St John’s Wood actors prove age is no limit with new play

A local theatre group is proving that age is just a number as they prepare their latest production set to open in November.

The Golden Age Players are a group of actors and actresses over age 60. The ensemble will open their 21st production at the Liberal Synagogue on St John’s Wood Road in St John’s Wood on November 16.

This latest play, The Headline, was written and directed by the group’s founder, Barbara Tennenbaum, 79. It is a court room drama about the damaging lengths a reporter will go to for a lasting headline.

Tickets cost �10 and all the money collected will be donated to the disabled.

The idea for the Golden Age Players first came to Mrs Tennenbaum when she was in the hospital following an accident with a rubbish truck.

“While I was there, I asked for a pad and pen and I started writing,” says the St John’s Wood local. “When I came out, I became a guest speaker at different organisations. I spoke at the Jewish Association Cultural Society (JACS) about my incident, hoping it would be inspirational to others.”

Mrs Tennenbaum has studied theatre and film for many years. The JACS director asked if she wanted to start a drama group in the area.

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“I asked if anyone was interested. If I had enough people, I would form the group,” recalls Mrs Tennenbaum. “In five minutes, I had 21 people.”

After their first performance, the Liberal Synagogue asked if the players wanted to use their venue. A partnership was formed and the group has been performing there for the last 22 years.

“You have to look far and wide for people more dedicated,” says Mrs Tennenbaum.

The oldest member of the group is Edna Black, wife of famed composer and conductor, Stanley Black. At the age of 91, she is the epitome of what the group is about.

“She is fabulous. She is 91 only chronologically,” says Mrs Tennenbaum. “We are called the Golden Age Players because the people have reached the golden age.”

Ans she could not be more thrilled about her group of actors. “I love them all,” she says. “I am bringing the West End to St. John’s Wood.”