Spurs star Luka Modric shows red card to HIV stigma

Tottenham Hotspur’s star Luka Modric met a South African child with HIV to issue a red card to people who stigmatise the disease.

Hampstead based charity One To One Children’s Fund arranged for 15-year-old Siphosethu Warrington to visit north London to raise awareness of World Aids Day last Thursday (December 1).

The South African teenager also went for a kick about with pupils at UCS School in Frognal, Hampstead.

Speaking of his illness, he said: “I live comfortably with it because I have accepted it. I have my medicines and I’m not afraid of having HIV.

“My players in my football team all know what my status is. When I told them for the first time, most of them were accepting but some laughed at first.

“I told them not to laugh because you don’t know what the future holds.”

One To One Children’s Fund is based in Hampstead High Street and is organising a trek to The Wild Coast in South Africa in July.

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For more information visit www.onetoonechildrensfund.org

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