Spurs manager predicts new rivals in battle for top four

HARRY Redknapp believes that the fight for Champions League qualification will only get harder for Spurs, as billionaire investors continue to boost the fortunes and ambitions of their top-flight rivals.

The battle for the top four is more ferocious than ever this season, with Spurs and Manchester City both competing with the established ‘Big Four’ for the second season in succession.

Redknapp feels that a seventh or eighth team could join the fight at any moment – and the Spurs boss concedes that Tottenham’s need for a new stadium is increasing all the time.

“We need a stadium, definitely. We’ve got the fanbase and we need to do that,” said the Spurs boss.

“You know what football’s like, it changes. If a Russian or an Arab decides to buy Blackpool tomorrow and he’s one of the richest men in the world, Blackpool would be pushing for Champions League football in the next couple of years.

“That’s how the game is. They walk in and they can buy this player, that player and that player from around the world and suddenly they’d be pushing for a top four place.”

The proof, says Redknapp, can be found in the examples of Chelsea and, more recently, Manchester City.

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“Man City weren’t pushing for the top four until ‘Sheik Rattle and Roll’ bought them and now they’re pushing for the top four, even looking to win the championship,” said Redknapp.

“If you’re lucky enough to get an owner who’s got billions then your club changes overnight.

“Chelsea weren’t pulling up trees until Mr Abramovich arrived. He walked in and suddenly they went to another level. It’s hard to push into the top four because the four teams are so strong.

“Liverpool have always been so strong and now they’ve got an owner who looks like he’s a billionaire. He’s now going to pump money in and buy the best players if he wants to, so next year Liverpool will be right bang there again.

“It’s getting harder and if someone buys another club then they’ll be up there too.”