Spurs’ Alderweireld says thank you to NHS worker in surprise video call

Chelsea's Olivier Giroud (left) and Tottenham Hotspur's Toby Alderweireld battle for the ball during

Chelsea's Olivier Giroud (left) and Tottenham Hotspur's Toby Alderweireld battle for the ball during the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge, London. - Credit: PA

Tottenham Hotspur defender Toby Alderweireld surprised Spurs fan Tayla Porter with a FaceTime call and thanked her for everything she is doing during the COVID-19 crisis, in a video released on SPORTbible today.

Tayla Porter, 22, an ambulance worker from Basingstoke became a viral sensation when a video of her being applauded by her street on the way to work was shared on youth publisher, LADbible.

The video, shared by celebrities including TV presenter Piers Morgan, sports presenter Gary Lineker and most recently by model Karlie Kloss has been viewed by millions of people across the world.

Spurs player Alderweireld, who this week donated electronic tablets to hospitals to help sick people keep in contact with family and friends, wanted to thank Tayla personally.

Working secretly with Tayla’s sister Tash and SPORTbible, Toby called Tayla on her day off.

In the video the Belgian International said: “I saw this video on social media and I loved it. I heard Tayla was a big Spurs fan so I wanted to give her a call to thank her for her hard work and her bravery.”

Tayla was visibly shocked and delighted with the call but admitted that she was finding the current situation hard: “It’s tiring, but it’s my job isn’t it and I love helping people.

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She went on to say: “We just see it as a job. We always do, we always go there and for everyone to be so kind, it’s just the best thing ever.”

Speaking about the moment she left her house to applause, Tayla said: “It was the best thing ever. I was just trying to go to work and my mum surprised me and I couldn’t believe how many people were outside. That’s why I started crying.”

Alderweireld went on to say: “There are no words to describe how grateful we are for what you guys are doing for us.

“Maybe in football we get a trophy or something and we get recognised, but you go to work and do so many things for so many people, and don’t get the recognition you deserve.”