‘Serial killer’ bludgeoned seven strangers in Haringey parks, court hears

A killer bludgeoned seven strangers over the head leaving two pensioners dead in a month-long orgy of violence, a court heard today (Thursday, April 19).

Ali Koc, 30, of Lightfoot Road, Hornsey, allegedly beat his victims with lumps of wood, before head-butting, punching and kicking them in a series of random attacks in parks across north London.

Victor Parsons, 67, died seven weeks after he was attacked and “left for dead” in Alexandra Park on January 5 last year.

The pensioner, who lived nearby, was carrying �750 cash but not a penny was taken by his attacker, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

Keith Needell, 84, also lost his life last July - six months after allegedly being assaulted by Koc on January 31 in Queen’s Wood, Muswell Hill.

Koc also attacked five other men while they were either jogging or dog walking, jurors were told.

Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting, described it as “violence for violence’s sake”.

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He said: “Over the course of four weeks in January last year, men aged between 29 and 85 were violently and indiscriminately attacked in parks and woodland in north London.

“Each man was beaten by a male assailant by head-butting, punches, kicks and blows with heavy lumps of wood.

“The first and last of the victims in the series of attacks - the two oldest - were to die in hospital of the countless head injuries on them.

“These offences were serial attacks and we say were done by this man Ali Koc.

“All of these attacks took place within 2.5km of this defendants address, in parks and woods that we say were very familiar to him.

“This allowed him to flee the scene of the crime undetected and find his way home.”

Mr Altman said none of the victims were robbed or had items demanded from them, and there was no sexual motivation behind the attack.

“This was violence for violence sake, committed by the same man, in the same geographical area of north London,” Mr Altman said. “Two men died and others were left battered and bruised by their ordeal.”

In his police interview Koc denied all of the attacks except one on Victor Aguilera, which he claimed was in self defence, the court heard.

The other man Koc allegedly attacked were named as James Holding, Rashmid Meizongo, Norman Carey, and Kriangsakdi Chinkirun.

Koc denies two counts of murder and five of attempting to cause greivous bodily harm.

The trial continues.