Director Sam Taylor-Johnson sells £14m Primrose Hill pad as ‘middle-aged raver’ vows to party on

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson with her husband

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson with her husband - Credit: Getty Images

It seems the drama of living in Primrose Hill may have all got a bit too much for Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Around the same time as announcing she is to quit directing sequels to the raunchy film adaptations of the best-selling novels by E. L. James, Heathman noticed a “For Sale” sign appear outside the couple’s six-bedroom mansion overlooking the hill.

The pad, which she shared with husband and Hollywood actor Aaron, is on the market for £14million.

With their Bentley now gone from their driveway, it marks the end of a stay that hasn’t quite been as calm as the leafy streets of Primrose Hill might suggest.

Their arrival got off to a heated start after being locked in a fierce bidding war with fashion icons Dolce and Gabbana for a nearby house (the same house that recently caught fire while being renovated).

Still perhaps reeling from their loss, in August this paper then reported how the couple’s second-choice home was swarmed by armed police after a passer-by spotted a machine gun lying on a table through her basement window.

The weapon, later found to be decommissioned, was intended for a peace charity’s art exhibition.

And if armed police surrounding their home wasn’t enough, their des res was almost ground-zero for Primrose Hill’s self-confessed “middle-aged ravers”.

In October, this paper reported how jeweller Jeremy Morris and wife Erin Morris had infuriated neighbours with rowdy all-night parties at their home, very near to the Taylor-Johnsons’.

Neighbours, such as TV star Matthew Wright, were forced to wear ear plugs to bed to cope with thumping “techno” music.

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While Mrs Morris apologised to fellow residents, her husband told The Times newspaper this week: “They are very difficult neighbours in Primrose Hill. It is what it is. There’s no way I’m turning the volume down.” An irate Matthew Wright tweeted in response: “T**ts threaten more loud parties to annoy ‘difficult’ neighbours kept awake till 5am midweek by their s**t music!”

It’s a wonder the Taylor-Johnsons ever stayed...