Safety is paramount for tube passengers

Your detailing of the cuts proposed to Underground ticket offices exposed just how skeletal services, and security, will be in tube stations if proposed staff cuts go ahead (Staff cuts at Hampstead and Highgate tube stations spark safety fears, H&H August 19).

Safety for passengers and also staff can only be put at risk, and almost as importantly, so will perceptions of safety.

Public transport needs to be not only practical and reliable, but also to feel safe, otherwise people will simply not use it, putting even more vehicles on our already crowded roads, with all of the consequent environmental costs.

All of those tunnels can be intimidating at the best of times, but if there’s no one in ticket offices after 7pm, many will hesitate before taking a late tube home.

Knowing there is one place on the station where there is always a staff member means passengers always know where to go in case of trouble and can expect that CCTV is being monitored from there and aid summoned quickly in case of need.

Thinking that somewhere in the maze there is a staff member is no replacement.

Natalie Bennett

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Camden Green Party

As you have reported, London Underground has announced proposals to change the opening hours of ticket offices at many of its stations, including those in Hampstead and Highgate.

London TravelWatch, as the passenger watchdog for London, would really like to hear how passengers feel about these changes, as they are the people affected.

We will then feed this information back to London Underground to ensure that the passenger’s voice is heard.

If anyone would like to comment on these proposals, they can contact us via our website at, e-mail us at or write to us.

Sharon Grant

Chairwoman, London TravelWatch

Middle Street, EC1