Safe House actor Christopher Eccleston won’t be backing coalition second term

Election after election, celebrities are recruited by leading politicians to boost their parties’ street cred, and this year has proved no different.

Already we have seen actors Martin Freeman and David Tennant publicly backing Labour in the party’s election broadcast, while Geordie duo Ant and Dec have infamously declared they are disillusioned with its leader, Ed Miliband.

Now Safe House star and Archway actor Christopher Eccleston has stuck his oar into the stormy general election waters.

The former Doctor Who actor has revealed he is staunchly opposed to another Tory-led coalition government – but he is keeping quiet on who exactly will get his vote on May 7.

He made the comments at a pop-up petting zoo Spring party for disadvantaged youngsters at Parliament Hill School, near Parliament Hill Fields, last Thursday.

He told Heathman: “There’s no way we can afford to give this present government a second term.

“I don’t believe they are very interested in our youngsters, such as the children here today. They don’t have their best interests at heart.”

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But when Heathman pushed him to reveal who he is to vote for instead, he refused to say.

“Who cares what an actor thinks?” he replied.

Mr Eccleston was at the school to support the work of Highgate charity the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation, set up in memory of Channing schoolgirl “Allie” Wylie, who died of cancer aged 17.

There, he blasted the government for placing undue pressure on young people, claiming that inequality has become worse under the coalition.

He also pointed to increasing segregation between the classes.

“We all live in the same society, and I do think in the last 10 to 20 years we have seen more separation. I grew up in a time when I felt it was much more integrated,” the 51-year-old said.

While we don’t know by whose name Mr Eccleston will place a cross in exactly two weeks’ time, it is safe to say he probably won’t be sporting a blue campaign ribbon any time soon.