Covid-19: Royal Free NHS Trust to be ‘vaccine hub’ when jab roll-out begins

The Royal Free NHS Trust is one of 53 hospital trusts in the country named as a “vaccine hub” and is set to be involved in co-ordinating delivery of jabs in our area.

The vaccine hubs around the country will play a key role in “administering and storing” the newly-approved Pfizer vaccine as it is rolled out in the coming weeks.

The list was set out in a letter to trusts last month from Emily Lawson, NHS England’s chief commercial officer, and Sue Harriman, chief operating officer of the Covid-19 vaccination deployment programme.

A further list of sites which will store and administer the vaccine during the first phase will be published later.

The University College Hospitals NHS Trust is also listed as a vaccine hub.

It is not yet clear when the first jabs will be able to be given to patients, but it is expected to be within a fortnight.

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