Roast partridge

Roast partridge From Rutland Butchers.With pancetta and haggis stuffing.Serves 4Four partridges (oven ready, one per person)Salt and pepper Butter8 slices of thin PancettaOne haggis (approx 400g)Sausage meat (approx 250g)Parsley/sage to tasteĀ 1 Plump up the partridge and spread the legs wide open to allow even cooking, then season the top of the bird and spread with a little butter, lay the pancetta crossed over the breasts.2 Prepare the stuffing by crumbling the haggis and sausage meat into a bowl together with a little fresh, chopped parsley and sage, then mix together well and form into stuffing balls about the size of a 10p coin.3 Roast the partridges surrounded by stuffing balls in a roasting tin for about 20 minutes in a preheated oven (approx 200C). Allow the partridges to rest for 20 minutes with a cloth over the top, this lets the juices relax back into the meat and helps to make the partridges juicy and succulent.4 Serve with all the usual seasonal vegetables and a good quality redcurrant jelly.