Risborough Close: Muswell Hill developers capitulate over unpopular car park but locals still fighting plans

Risborough Close, Muswell Hill. Picture: Google

Risborough Close, Muswell Hill. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

Disgruntled residents and community groups are fighting plans to add an extra story to a Muswell Hill building opposite Alexandra Park.

The plans from developers Vera Road Ltd for Risborough Close originally included a new car park, which would have replaced a patch of grass with eight parking spaces, but after pressure from an environmental group and local people this element of the scheme - which also backs onto the Parkland Walk - has been dropped.

The Muswell Hill Sustainability Group had slammed developers for "making the assumption that everyone in the new development will need a car", but Haringey Council confirmed the car park is no longer in the scheme, which has yet to be decided upon.

The plans have received 54 comments, only four of which were supportive.

A spokesperson for the Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association told this newspaper the group was concerned about the scheme "dominating the street scene". They added: "The proposed scheme would reduce the current coherence and substitute a visually top-heavy building. The proposed external spaces at roof level are of particular concern."

"It is unclear whether the proposed vehicle crossover is still included in the revised plans. If so then there would be a reduction in both pedestrian and highway safety when vehicles access and/or exit the property."

Leaseholder Danielle Thomas wrote in objection: "There is no denying that these works will hamper and cause disruption on a major scale.I do not support this planned expansion under any terms."

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Many objections echoed the MHFGA's fears about the "overbearing" plans to increase the roof height to accommodate six new flats, and tenants and leaseholders have also told the council that they don't want to see the pitched roof replaced with a flat one.

Residents are also concerned by the disruption of building work. with one. Kristen Lee, saying the "possibility of construction" was the final straw in her family's decision to move out in a few weeks' time.

The Alexandra Park and Palace Trust commented neutrally, asking the developers to make clear whether they would contribute to the maintenance of the Muswell Hill area's green spaces - such as Alexandra Park.

Vera Road Ltd have not responded to this newspaper's requests for comment.