Residents hit out over Channing School’s plans to suspend parking in Highgate

Highgate residents are up in arms over plans to reduce the number of parking spaces around Channing School to allow delivery vehicles to access the site where a new sports hall will be built.

At least nine parking bays will be temporarily suspended for all or part of the day along Cholmeley Park next month during the first phase of work, while all spaces along The Bank will be removed in 2014.

More than 30 responses to the consultation have been received, including objections raised by Cholmeley Lodge Residents Ltd and those living along Cromwell Road, who say parking in the area is already under pressure.

Pepin Clout, a director at Cholmeley Lodge Residents Ltd, said: “There’s been a lack of notification and information from Haringey Council and Channing School makes no attempt to engage with local residents whatsoever and that goes for the surrounding streets as well. The whole thing has been sneaky and underhand.”


A report commissioned by Channing School says there are 121 spaces around an area which includes parts of Cholmeley Park, Cromwell Avenue and Highgate Hill. It says there would not be an adverse impact on parking supply if some bays were suspended.

However, statistician and Highgate Hill resident Simon Briscoe says the plans use “wacky maths” and the maximum number of cars which can be parked is 99.

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Mr Briscoe said: “It’s an appalling and misleading report that shouldn’t have any place in decision-making about parking.”

He said there are some simple solutions which could alleviate parking problems such as extending resident parking on the Haringey side of Highgate Hill and working with Camden Council to allow permit holders to use spaces on the other side of the road.

Cllr Rachel Allison, who represents Highgate on Haringey Council, said there had been a “failure of process” at the local authority after a letter informing residents about the planned parking changes was issued late and 36 responses to the changes have seemingly been ignored.

Multi-million pound plans to build a new senior school sports hall and performing arts centre were approved last year and are set to be completed by 2017.

A spokeswoman for Channing School said: “The methodology, known as The Lambeth Method, used by our independent advisers to assess the parking is adopted widely by local authorities, including Haringey, across London.

“This demonstrated that sufficient capacity would exist in the future, even with the suspension of a number of parking bays in Cholmeley Park during the proposed construction process.

“The proposals place the safety of pupils, residents and other road users as paramount and also seek to minimise the impact on The Bank and on local parking.”

A spokeswoman for Haringey Council said: “The parking bay suspensions are largely between 8am and 5pm when many residents will be at work. This is an ongoing project and parking will be constantly reviewed.”