Residents fear 540 lorries a day at Muswell Hill waste site

THE North London Waste Authority has moved to reassure residents who fear a new plant in Muswell Hill could lead to overcrowding, traffic problems and air and noise pollution.

THE NWLA, which disposes of almost one million tonnes of waste a year from seven boroughs - Haringey, Camden, Barnet, Islington, Enfield, Hackney and Waltham Forest - is hoping to build the 15,000 square metre waste processing plant and depot for the Barnet borough at Pinkham Way, near the A406 on the derelict Friern Barnet sewage works.

However, residents - 270 of whom attending special public exhibitions on the plans - have raised concerns about the facet that 540 lorries a day will enter and leave the site, close to Muswell Hill golf club and residential roads.

But after a series of public exhibitions, NWLA managing director David Beadle said it was important to clarify a number of matters, especially that the plans do not involve incineration at the Pinkham Way site.

“We are looking at much more sustainable and environmentally friendly forms of waste disposal,” he said. “That includes increasing recycling rates from around 30 to 50 per cent by 2020. We need residents to play their part in helping us to achieve this aim.”

Regarding concerns about traffic congestion, odour and noise emissions, a spokeswoman for the NWLA said transport and environmental impact assessments would be carried out.

The proposed plans for Pinkham Way are available at