Residents call for road safety action in Highgate

Campaigners in Highgate are demanding road safety measures are introduced along North Hill following complaints over speeding motorcyclists and heavy lorries continually breaking weight restrictions.

Residents in Church Road Estates say motorcyclists race along the road at speeds of up to 70mph, while 14-tonne lorries have been using the road despite there being a five tonne weight limit.

Chairman David Graham said police have agreed to do “whatever they can” to enforce speed limits along the road, where there are two primary schools, following a meeting with officers last week.

He has also sent a letter on behalf of the residents to Haringey Council demanding they take action over lorry drivers who break the weight limit.

Mr Graham said: “Speeding motorbikes are travelling at 60-70mph, overtaking cars, roaring down the road.

“People at the front of our building can hear all the noise – there’s one motorcyclist who comes down here in the mornings at around 6.30am going up the hill at a massive speed.

“The council needs to hurry up and look at introducing a 20mph limit as other councils have done. On this hill you have St Michael’s Primary School at the top and Highgate Primary School at the bottom, so there’s even more of a reason to do it.”

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He said several weeks ago he heard a loud bang outside following an accident between a motorbike and a car.

“It was lucky someone wasn’t killed,” said Mr Graham. “The police arrived and I said to one of the officers, we have a fatality waiting to happen.

“What’s next? A child mowed down at a crossing? It’s absolutely terrifying.”

According to crash map statistics, there have been 30 accidents along the road since 2005, including six which were fatal.

Mr Graham said there were no road signs reminding motorists of the speed limit, but there were notices stating the five tonne weight restriction.

“We had a 14-tonne lorry parked right outside our building last week,” he said. “They’re using North Hill instead of Archway Road and the weight limit is being totally disregarded.”

A spokesman for Haringey Council said: “We will be looking into residents’ concerns about heavy lorries using North Hill and will consider what action – including using the council’s mobile CCTV enforcement unit – may be possible to deter lorry drivers from using this route.

“We recognise community concerns with speeding and will continue working with the safer neighbourhoods team to tackle and reduce speeds in the area.”