Remembering 7/7: Community set to #WalkTogether in remembrance

Raymond Simonson. Picture: Polly Hancock.

Raymond Simonson. Picture: Polly Hancock. - Credit: Archant

Community figures will today walk to remember those who lost their lives in the 7/7 terrorist attacks exactly 10 years ago.

Paul Perkins, chief executive of Swiss Cottage children’s charity The Winch, and Raymond Simonson, chief executive of Jewish community centre JW3 in Finchley Road, will walk from the Langland Gardens bus stop in Finchley Road to Finchley Road Underground Station this morning.

The #WalkTogether initiative, organised by thinktank British Future, asks people in London and all over Britain to get off the bus, train or Tube one stop early today and walk together in a quiet moment of remembrance and unity.

JW3 is a partner of the #WalkTogether initiative and has urged its supporters and visitors to take part.

Mr Simonson said: “On July 7, 2015 we will walk to remember the lives that were lost or changed by the tragic events ten years ago.

“We are proud to support the #WalkTogether initiative, highlighting the importance of unity, peace and hope among all faiths and communities, reflecting JW3’s core values.”

Londoners can also show their support on social media using the #WalkTogether hashtag.

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The idea was inspired by the scenes on London’s streets 10 years ago, when public transport closed down and thousands walked home, trying to understand what had just happened.

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