Recruitment freeze hits police

Up to 30 police officers could be lost in Camden and 20 in Haringey over the next year, according to a report by the Metropolitan Police Authority.

The report of a joint meeting of the MPA’s Strategic and Operational Policing and Finance and Resources Committees sets out that an officer recruitment “freeze” has been implemented.

This is anticipated to reduce police officer numbers across the Met to approximately 900 below the original March 2011 target of 33,091 – a drop of 2.7 per cent.

If this trend was applied to Camden, which has approximately 900 officers, not including police community support officers and specialists who operate across the whole of London, it could mean the borough losing between 20 and 30 jobs, Haringey would lose 20.

London Assembly Member Nicky Gavron (pictured) said the cuts were unfair and pointed to the report’s warning that the police could soon have to choose which crimes they tackle with reduced resources.

She said: “The country’s finances obviously mean tough choices have to be made. But when it comes down to having to choose between tackling violence or burglary, it’s there for all to see what the government’s cuts really mean.

“Ordinary people in Camden didn’t cause the financial crisis yet they are being expected to take the hit for it.”

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In Westminster, the number of police officers lost could be around 45 and, in Barnet, the figure stands at 16.