Record-breaking Everest effort for Hampstead duo

RAISING �5,000 for charity, breaking two world records and climbing the height of Mount Everest – it’s been a busy weekend for two Hampstead residents.

Tom Lancaster and Jonny Briggs completed the Longest Climb challenge, scaling a 24ft vertical climbing wall 1,210 times – 29,040 feet, just over the height of Everest – overnight.

At 5.29am on Saturday morning, Mr Lancaster finished first, taking 13 hours and 25 minutes to complete the mission and claiming the world record for being the first and fastest person to climb the height of Mount Everst on an artificial climbing wall.

And at 7.41am Mr Briggs also completed the distance and, at his friend’s suggestion, went on to make one further ascent in order to set his own world record for the furthest distance climbed (29,064 feet).

The pair raised more than �5,000 for Mountain Rescue England and Wales, Heart UK and Amnesty International, and the climb was dedicated to the memory of mentor Rupert Rosedale, who was tragically killed in an avalanche on Ben Nevis in December 2009.

Mr Lancaster said: That was without doubt the hardest thing I have ever done, especially for the second half or so when an old injury came back and I only had strength in one arm because the muscles in the other had completely given up.

“But it’s done; I have achieved what I set out to do and that is a good feeling.”

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Mr Briggs added: “By the time it was complete, both my hands and my feet were bleeding.

“I’ve never felt pain like this in my life, it feels great to have done something no-one has ever done before but I’m so glad I never have to do this again.”