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The dull days of January call for a bit of comfort food and ice-cream is right up there as one of the top comfort foods! This recipe devised by the chefs at The Dormy House Hotel, Broadway ticks all the boxes - it's delicious, has a bit of crunch and is as light as a feather...

Praline Mousse, Honeycomb, Honey Ice-Cream

Mousse 8 - 10

1 PT Crme Anglaise. (1PT milk, 8 Egg yolks, 4oz sugar, ½ vanilla pod)

1PT Double Cream

3 Dessert Spoons Praline paste. (Nutella can be used as an alternative)

4 Leaves Gelatine.

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Firstly make the Anglaise:- Bring milk and vanilla pod up to the boil. Mix yolks and sugar in a bowl. Pour hot milk on top stiring all the time. Return to the pan and gently heat, stiring continuously until slightly thickened. Strain through a fine sieve.


Soak gelatine in cold water until soft. Squeeze out excess water and place in a bowl. Pour on Hot Anglaise (you will need to measure as it will be more than 1PT).

Add praline paste mix well and leave to cool. Semi whip the cream, then fold into codled Anglaise. Pour into rings/moulds and leave to set for at least 2hrs.


2 tbsp water

225g Demerara sugar

225g Granulated sugar

50g golden syrup

15g butter

1tbsp bicarbonate of soda

Place water, butter, both sugars, and syrup into a pan boil to a nice golden colour 135 degrees (small crack) - you will need a sugar thermometer. Add the bicarbonate of soda.

The mix will soufflé. Pour onto a tray to set. When cool break up into small pieces.

Chocolate discs

Melt some milk chocolate and pour it onto a piece of acetate film, spread thinly, Pipe thin lines of white chocolate, When nearly set, cut out discs.

Honey ice-cream

Bring to the boil the milk, cream and honey, mix yolks and sugar. Pour on hot liquid mixing well. Return to the heat and thicken slightly. Pour through a fine sieve and leave to cool. When cold, churn in an ice-cream machine.

Plating up

Turn out mousse and place on one side of the plate, drizzle a little honey on the other side. Place broken pieces of honeycomb, pink praline and hazelnuts around the plate. Put a few pieces of honeycomb on top of the mousse and then the chocolate disc. Now scoop the ice-cream and put on the plate just before serving. Enjoy !!

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