Recipe: Warm Mixed Mushrooms on Toasted Brioche

This is the ultimate luxury version of mushrooms on toast! Janet used parsley and lemon juice to finish off the dish simply, but if you're feeling indulgent a dash of cream or crme frache would be nice and for breakfast it's also delicious topped with a poached egg and a drizzle of hollandaise.

Serves 2.

4 slices of day old brioche250g mixed mushrooms (Janet used: yellow and grey oyster, shiitake, nameko, chestnut, crimini and pholiota)25g butterDash olive oil3tbsp chopped flat leaf parsleyHalf a lemon

1. Roughly chop the mushrooms and heat the butter in a large heavy-based frying pan until foaming.

2. Add a dash of olive oil and then the mushrooms and sauté until tender and lightly brown.

3. Remove from the heat, squeeze the lemon juice over, stir in the parsley and season to taste.

4. Toast the brioche and top with the mixed mushrooms.