Recipe: Vanilla Mascarpone Hearts

These are essentially coeurs la crme made in special little porcelain moulds with holes in the base but the mixture can also be spooned into ramekins. It's made here with mascarpone, cream and Greek yoghurt but you can also use crme fraiche or fromage frais. You can tint the mixture to a pale pink as I've done here with a few drops of food colouring or alternatively stir in a little raspberry purée. Serves 6300g mascarpone cheese150g double cream150g plain Greek yoghurt2tbsp vanilla caster sugar or to taste1 vanilla pod Pink or red food colouring1. If you're using coeur la crme moulds line them with a double thickness of damp muslin and place them in the fridge to chill.2. To make the mixture scrape out the seeds from the vanilla pod and add to a large bowl with the mascarpone and half the sugar. 3. Beat until smooth then add the yoghurt, a few drops of food colouring (or raspberry purée) and the remaining sugar to taste. 4. Mix briefly to incorporate then spoon into the moulds or ramekins and smooth the top. Cover with cling film and place on a plate or tray in the fridge overnight to chill and set.5. To serve invert the coeur la crme moulds on to a plate and then peel off the muslin and serve with raspberries or dark cherries, either the whole fruit or made into a coulis.