Recipe: Potted home smoked Mackerel

IF home smoking sounds difficult, Robert Brown can reassure you. Asked for his abiding philosophy at Savoro Restaurant in Barnet, where he is head chef, he replies, 'Simple execution of good technique.'To make that happen, he uses the best seasonal produce sourced locally where possible to create modern British fare. Born in the fishing village of Lossiemouth, Scotland, he brings many elements of Scottish cooking to his menu and is passionate about reviving the mission Gary Rhodes began in the 1990s to bring back our native cuisine. This brings him to his guest recipe. To make a smoker, take a deep metal tin, clean chicken wire, foil and a large tray as a cover. Bend chicken wire to make a rack standing four inches above the bottom of the tin, fill the bottom with oak chips (easily obtainable from your local sawmill), replace rack in tin and place over a low flame with the tray as a temporary lid. When the embers start to smoke, lift lid briefly, stir and replace lid. Once you have a good level of smoking chips, place fish on the rack, remove from heat, cover with foil, lay over damp cloths and leave to cool for six hours. Place produce in an oven to cook through.Potted home smoked Mackerel with fresh horseradish and warm toastIngredients:One smoker6 fillets of mackerel (ask your fishmonger to do the filleting for you)3 tsp salt 1 bunch of watercress8 slices crusty bread

Horseradish Sauce:50g fresh peeled and finely grated horseradishtsp Dijon mustard2 tsp white wine vinegartsp salt2 tsp lemon juice 80ml lightly whipped cream

Potted Mackerel:6 home smoked mackerel fillets (if unable shop bought), flaked to remove all big bones and skinFew drops Tabasco1/8 tsp Worcestershire sauce1 tsp mixed chopped herbs2 tbsp finely chopped shallots1 tbsp green peppercorns in brine1 tbsp lemon juice100ml cream (lightly whipped)100g butter (melted)Pinch of salt

Method:1 Salt mackerel for one hour. Wash off salt and smoke as above.2 For the horseradish sauce, whip the cream lightly to soft peaks and fold in all ingredients thoroughly. Place in fridge until ready.3 Line four oiled ramekins with clingfilm and press into side with a drying towel. Whip cream softly, then add all ingredients and pack into ramekins. Leave in fridge to set. To serve, unveil the ramekins on to a plate, add a dollop of horseradish on each and serve on toasted bread with watercress garnish.