Recipe for Mulled Wine Poached Pears

Mulled Wine Poached Pears

1 pint red wine

8 ozs sugar

1 Countryside Fayre Christmas Mulled Wine Sachet

6 pears peeled with stems intact

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In a large pot combine the wine and sugar. Stir gently until sugar is dissolved. Add the Mulled Wine Sachet.

Cut a thin slice from the bottom of each pear. Add the pears to the liquid on their sides and adjust the heat to keep the liquid at a gentle simmer.

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Cook, partially covered, for 15 - 20 minutes, depending on the pears' ripeness. Turn frequently to make sure the fruit absorbs the colour from the wine evenly. The pears will pierce easily with a skewer when they are tender.

To serve, bring the pear and liquid to room temperature. Reheat them gently in hot liquid for a few minutes. Transfer the pears to a serving dish and strain the cooking juices into a smaller pot.

Let the cooking juices simmer steadily for 5 minutes or until they cook down to a thick sauce. Spoon the mixture over the pears.

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