Recipe: chilli con carne Cincinatti-style

If you love chilli, you'll love Ruth French's twist on this family favourite


Serves 6

500grams leftover cooked beef (shavings or small hunks)3 small-medium onions3 cloves garlic2 large tins cooked mixed beans, drained2 large tins quality chopped plum tomatoesHalf tube tomato pureeDessertspoonful ground cumintwo medium-sized mild/medium hot green chillies, seeded and choppedOne small hot red bird's-eye chilli, seeded and choppedHalf-inch piece oncho/dried poblano chilli (Chilli Company) seeded and chopped or teaspoonful tamarind paste / lime juice and pinch chilli powderTeaspoonful smoked paprikaDessertspoonful cocoa powderSalt to tasteOlive oil for frying

Fry onions and garlic in oil until softened. Lower heat and add all chillies(or chillies and tamarind/lime) and cumin. Cook on low for two minutes then draw off heat. Mix in paprika and cocoa and then add cooked beef and beans. Stir well and cook for two minutes on low. Add tomatoes and tomato puree, turn up heat to medium and cook for fifteen minutes. Adjust salt/seasonings and serve with American-style long grain rice or wrap in tortilla bread or serve on a bead of tortilla chips with grill-melted cheese.